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Posie Boggs is an active advocate for educating students, parents, educators, and policy makers on the necessity of improving literacy in our nation and the world. She has emphasized that providing comprehensive research-based literacy education early to all our students and adults who struggle with literacy is essential to increasing our nation’s educational outcomes. Equally important is providing educators extensive, rigorous, and multidisciplinary training in the knowledge and practice of teaching the “3 Rs.” Resume

As founding president of the Alaska Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, she uses every opportunity available to communicate that research about dyslexia provides a critical base of knowledge that contributes to all aspects of literacy acquisition and instruction. Collaboration beyond all boundaries led her to join Literate Nation.

Together we can reveal the invisible child and restore the illiterate adult… the ones who no one knows cannot read… the child or adult who lives a voided and canceled life because of illiteracy. We can bring that person into a life of passion, meaning, literacy, active citizenship, and global community. We do not have to waste their human capital with illiteracy.

The advocate, that is where it starts – with one person. The start of the flood begins with the first drop; we have to assist with the droplets, streams, tributaries, until the flood of knowledge and change becomes a reality.

Her adopted motto is: “Never Give Up, Never Surrender” Galaxy Quest

Posie Boggs has a Masters in Educational Diagnostics and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. MS. Boggs haunts the Institute of Education Science and the What Works Clearing House to keep her knowledge on the cutting edge of literacy science. She has received training in and utilizes the following scientifically evidenced methods for teaching literacy and reading:

The RAVE-O™ program, Lindamood-Bell™ programs, including On Cloud Nine Math©, LIPS©, Visualizing Verbalizing©, Seeing Stars©, LAC3 Test©, Slingerland™ - Level 1, & 2 and the Writing Institute™.

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