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Positive Outcomes for Students since 1994


CTW, LLC offers consultation services to colleagues on difficult cases.

Consultation Rates: Consultation rates are negotiable.   

Note: A signed release of information from the parents or guardian is required for consulting services from CTW, LLC.

As an active advocate for students, parents, educators, and policy makers on the necessity of improving literacy in our nation and the world CTW, LLC has emphasized providing comprehensive research-based literacy education early to all our students and adults who struggle with literacy. It is essential to increase our nation’s teacher/tutor effectiveness for powerful educational outcomes. It is  important to provide educator and tutors extensive, rigorous, and multidisciplinary training in the knowledge and practice of teaching the “3 Rs.”

To this end, CTW, LLC provides training and consultation to educators and tutors in evidenced based  research and methods about dyslexia. We aim to provide a critical base of knowledge to our colleagues, community, parents, and friends.

Research from Literate Nation has shown that powerfully trained educators, and logically tutors too, are one of the five pillars of the Best Practices in education especially for literacy.  Mid-page is the infographic with the citation.

Together with highly skilled and trained educators and tutors we can reveal the invisible child and restore the illiterate adult… the ones who no one knows cannot read… the child or adult who lives a voided and canceled life because of illiteracy. We can bring that person into a life of passion, meaning, literacy, active citizenship, and global community. We do not have to waste their human capital with illiteracy.

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Consulting Services