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We offer different levels of testing to guide our tutoring or provide consultation to another tutor or interventionist.

Progress Monitoring/ Response to Intervention (RTI)

Brief screening including a review of history and previous records is $225 and includes 1 hour of consultation.


Full reading/literacy assessment is $950.  We administer standardized tests to evaluate written language comprehension, vocabulary, phonological awareness, reading fluency, spelling and written expression.

Full reading/literacy assessment along with Cognitive, Achievement, and Oral Language assessment with the 2014 Woodcock-Johnson® IV is $1800.

This includes appropriate subtests and composites from the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities, WJ IV Oral Language Battery, and WJ IV Tests of Achievement as the basis for a Cross-Battery Assessment using the Cattell–Horn–Carroll theory of human cognitive abilities. This level of in depth assessment is rarely needed to start tutoring services.

Report of the assessment as required by the courts on behalf of your child is $4100. If called upon to testify in a due process hearing, based upon this report, additional fees are charged on a per hour basis.



Testing Services

Preschool Screening

Our early screening services are designed to identify children who are struggling to acquire pre-literacy skills so that literacy supports may be offered early.

The PELI is a preschool literacy assessment for 3- to 5-year-olds that measures alphabet knowledge, vocabulary and oral language, phonemic awareness, and listening comprehension all within a storybook experience.

We use the PEARL, A universal kindergarten screener for decoding and language to accurately identify future decoding and comprehension difficulties. The screener uses a real-time pretest-teach-posttest sequence.